hot cocoa

Good Morning, lovelies!

Belated Happy Valentine's Day, lovelies!

I had plans to be active all over social media yesterday but I was struck by 'relaxing all-day" with my family. LOL
I had a great Valentine's Sunday!! Had a yummy breakfast (toasted croissant egg sandwich with hot cocoa) with the kids - they were happy. We relaxed in the couch watching Netflix & Disney+ while my son played Fortnite and Minecraft. I cooked pasta carbonara for lunch (yummy!) then we picked up some strawberry cream pie at McDonald's for a late afternoon snack before dinner. We had a nice, relaxing and our tummies were full kinda day! I am happy. ^_^

My best days are hanging with the kiddos, eating delicious food and just relaxing!! God is good! XD

No school Monday because of President's Day.

I must clean more today - maybe sneak in some scrapbooking too!

No matter what, have an amazing day, my lovelies!!! xoxo

hello February 2021!

Hello, my lovelies!

How's February 2021 treating you?! I can't believe it's February.

I woke up super early (6am) to start running errands ~ I got my recall fixed on my Corolla [that took 4 hours], picked up my new modem from Cox, bought stationary (yay!) and slurped on Avocado Boba (yuummyyy!!).

Today, I didn't feel like there was COVID - I still had my BT21 face mask on the whole time I was running my errands, but the weather was sunny at 73 degrees, beautiful clouds & clear sky - I guess it was my kind-of-day. ^_^ I was really happy & even giggly just driving and blasting K-Pop music lol.

Who's excited for Super Bowl Sunday?! I AM!!! My sisters and I are watching it at home but we are ordering sandwiches, making potato salad, baking brownies and pigs-in-a-blanket for the kiddos. I miss having the "old normal".

Have a great night!!! xoxo 

Friday Five 1.22.2021

The Friday Five for 22 January 2021 (from spikesgirl58 )

1) What's the best customer service experience you've ever had?

2) What's a very reliable item that you own?

3) What's something that wore out, but you replaced it with the same thing?

4) Have you ever left an online review of something you bought?

5) What's a book you've read more than once?

1) I truly can't remember, maybe because I have high expectations since I worked in customer service. Lately, I've only had terrible customer service ~ mostly food service. *sad face*

2) MY CAR ~ she's a teenager but I can rely on her 110%. MY PHONE ~ who can live without their smart phones nowadays.

3) BLACK SHIRTS, BLACK TANK TOPS, BLACK HENLEY TOPS - you see the pattern here ^_^

4) ALL THE TIME. I try my best to leave a reliable review specially if the item really wowed me.


Happy Friday, lovelies! XD

I miss traveling! TTTT These house are so beautiful and my POV is the Palace of Fine Arts - Lyon Street in San Francisco.

Eun Hye

random question generator

I found this link from swap-bot (one of the swaps that I joined).
This is pretty cool - it generates random questions. Nice ~ now I can post more content (Yay!) ^_^

What is something you think everyone should do at least once in their lives?

It's harder to answer LOL

One should face their biggest fear even once in their life. I don't like conflict nor I want to feel fear, anxiety or stress, however, when I faced and conquered some of my fears; I truly came out a different, more confident person. It may sound like cliche' but one must truly overcome their fear(s).

My biggest fear that I overcame years ago was my fear of heights. When I was 18, my friends and I went up to The Stratosphere Tower's observation deck - a whopping 1,149 feet. My legs were trembling and my heart palpipated so fast but I did it! It felt like an accomplishment. It was an accomplishment! I went up there at least 6 times more. It didn't stop there, I even rode Orange County's tallest turbo-drop rollercoaster, Supreme Scream inside Knot's Berry Farm. (+_+) Now, that's a true once-in-a-lifetime bravery moment.

Stratosphere Las Vegas and the observation deck

"SUPREME SCREAM" inside Knot's Berry Farm, Buena Park, California

photo credits to Google Images
Haruma *peace*

Hello 2021!!!

Goodbye 2020 ~ Hello 2021!!!

The year 2020 was unexpected and truly changed our "normal" routine. However, plenty of good things happened to my family and I. I'm truly grateful to our Father in Heaven who has answered many of my prayers.

Things I learned in 2020 ~

  1. BE MORE ORGANIZED. I've always wanted to organize my home but I never got around to it. Finally, in the last week of 2020, my family and I did a grand winter cleaning. I'm happy to have an organized & clean home.

  2. More Family Bonding moments. I definitely spent more time with my family (my kiddos - my sisters - my brother - my nephews - even brother-in-laws). We ate more dinners together during quarantine, so for this reason alone, I'm very grateful!

  3. HUG TIME. Ever since my son was just a baby, even if I'm busy cleaning or cooking, I always stop to give him "HUG TIME". It's very important to me (and my kids) to really stop whatever it is that I'm doing, and we just hug & kiss. We got to have more hug time this year. ^_^

  4. CATCH UP ON MY (KOREAN) DRAMAS. Korean and Japanese dramas bring me joy. There were times when I didn't watch them (sad face); so to catch up on my dramas is just pure joy! ^_^

  5. WATCHED ALL OF MY BTS DVDS. I love BTS! They occupy a good chunk of my heart. I pre-order every BTS MEMORIES DVDs, CONCERT DVDs and MUSTER DVDs - those are plenty of hours of entertainment but I have not watched them all - not until 2020. I'm very happy! XD Goals for 2021 is to catch up on BTS RUN episodes.

  6. FAMILY, GOOD HEALTH, FRIENDS are the most important factors in life. I've known this all my life but when faced with a pandemic - my point-of-view changed for the better. I used to procrastinate in sending hello texts, or saying "I LOVE YOU" but in 2020, I say "i LOVE YOU" countless times and louder than before. I even reconnected with old friends that I have missed but was too shy to say "hello".

  7. BE GRATEFUL. House, car, appliances that makes my (our) daily life easier, just all the simple, mundane things - I appreciate it more than ever.

Father God, I am very thankful for the lessons that I have learned in 2020, and will continue to bring all the great things I've learned to 2021 and I'm only expecting good things to come to my families lives and my life of course.

My lovely friends, thank you once again for sending me holiday cheer through snail mail and all the cheerful comments here in LJ. No words can express how truly grateful I am. Let's welcome 2021 with open arms and positive views!! Happy New Year to us!! xoxo

photo of the day

My photos do not do justice how beautiful this view really was.
I was standing behind the sliding doors leading to the patio and this was my view. Majestic!
Beaver, Utah

Merry Christmas!!

Hello, my lovelies!

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

I spend all of Christmas Eve and Day with my family! My older sisters cooked (almos) all of the delicious food, while I ordered half a tray of pancit palabok (a yummy Filipino noodle dish). XD I unexpectedly received plent of cool gifts. My sister's are so generous and I felt guilty that I only got small gifts for everyone. I received 2 designer purses and a wallet (wow!!) - one Michael Kors purse & wallet and one Kate Spade.  I am truly grateful beyond words. God is awesome! My family and friends are awesome!

A few days ago, Dec 21 to 23, we all went up to my sister & her husband's cabin way up in Beaver, Utah. Oooh there was plenty of snow and I was really feeling the winter vibes. I'm not excpecting to snow in Vegas this year, but who knows what the future weather holds. I loved unwinding and unplugging even for just 3 short days. The kiddos and I played in the snow, did a little sledding, hiked in the snow and took lots of photos. We hanged out in front of the fireplace, drank hot cocoa and ate madelines while we watched Disney movies - Wreck It Ralph was the star. ^_^ I really loved stargazing! It truly amazes me how vast the universe it and how small I feel whenever I stare at those bright lights.

When I got home on the night of December 23rd, I received a very happy surprise package from snoopdawg ^_^ Thank you so much, Christy!! I love suprise packages and I love everything that you sent me. My heart was bursting with joy when I opened it. I didn't expect any more holiday cards or package since it was so close to Christmas already. So when I found your blue festive package sitting on my home office desk (my brother was so kind to get the mail ^_^) - I was truly surprised. I hope you had a happy Christmas! *sending you virtual hugs*

I will never tire of thanking my fellow holiday_wishes friends who sent me holiday cards and all the extra goodies!! Thank you skjam for the lovely MixCD 2020. I always look forward to your yearly mix. ^_^

I am sending all of my reply cards today & tomorrow. I have about 40 holiday cards to reply too. I haven't counted all of the holiday cards that I received but I know this is the biggest yet!! I'm vey happy. XD

a lil' sluggish

Hello, my lovelies!

Happy Saturday to us all!

I slept in a bit. I woke up at 9:30 am instead of my usual 7:30 am.
My niece's birthday yesterday and I went out to eat lunch with my sisters to celebrate. The kiddos wanted to stay home and play.
We did curbside pick-up at The Cheesecake Factory. I had Chicken Farfalle with cream sauce (so delicious!) and Chocolate Tuxedo Cheesecake for dessert.

(photos from Cheesecake Factory) I was famished yesterday that I forget to photograph the cheesecake. LOL

I finished all my holiday cards last night. I wrote and stamped 24 cards and 3 small packages. I dropped them off to the post office this morning. With all this excitement, I feel sluggish. TTTT The good news, while I'm relaxing and sipping hot tea (to calm my queasy stomach) - I've started watching a new Kdrama "True Beauty" starring Cha Eun Woo of ASTRO. I haven't stopped laughing. I love rom-coms specially when the female heroine is clumsy-damsel-in-distress type.

Today's challenge ~ what's for dinner?!
I really love wearing my kawaii Tokidoki face mask - courtesy of lea724
Thank you so much, Amanda! XD holiday_wishesholiday_thanks

hello Monday

Monday comes by so fast.
I woke up early - laundry, cleaned the kitchen, cooked breakfast and somehow I made my kielbasa stir fry spicy (boo hoo!).
It's only 10:20 am but I'm happy to be productive. I'm sipping my hot coffee and writing more to-do lists. LOL
I have another batch of holiday cards to finish and drop in the mail today! I hope everyone who receives my cards be happy.

My lovelies, have a great day/night! xoxo

"Flower Snail" from Bellagio Garden inside Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas - 2010.
The Bellagio Garden changes every season, and I'm bummed that I was not able to capture it's beauty every season.


I woke up ready to get things done ~ laundry, cleaning, cooking and re-arranging my room. LOL

First things first, craving Peppermint Mocha latte.

An old friend reached out to me yesterday, and we were chatting the whole day. It's very heartwarming to find old friend(s) - whether here on LJ or in real life.

This photo was taken on 2008 when it snowed hard here in Las Vegas.