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10 December 2016 @ 01:35 pm
I can't believe 2016 is nearing its end.
Is it just me but I feel like time is flying by?!
So many things has happened these last six months.
I haven't posted much since I barely used my laptop and its much easier than using my phone.
I wish for all my friends to have a great finish in 2016 and start great for 2017. ^_^
I wish for the same thing for me ~ lol

Much love ~ God bless us all!

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19 June 2016 @ 10:09 am
It's been a while lovelies!
Having 2 kiddos and raising them by myself is quite challenging but I'm having fun. I'm thankful that my family is here to lend a hand from time to time. My Dad is on vacation in the Philippines so I'm kinda stuck at home with the kiddos alot but I want to greet my Dad ~ Happy Father's Day!!! I feel like I also deserve to celebrate Father's Day since I'm also the father to my kiddos. I will definitely work on this LOL ~ why not, !  want chicken and waffles for celebratory breakfast. Would be very nice. :)

I hope all my friend are doing well. Sorry that I haven't had the time to post ~ several times I tried but something always comes up that I can't use my laptop long enought to post.

God bless us!!! Have an awesome day!!! xoxoxo
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16 February 2016 @ 11:50 pm
I felt so much better after listening to worship songs! Praise the Lord our God!
Good night and sweet dreams my lovelies. xoxoxo
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17 January 2016 @ 07:15 pm

  • For my car to take me places

  • My children ~ Ethan and Charlotte

  • My Dad for paying the bills (thank you so much)

  • Food - one cannot survive without, so thank You Lord for always providing my family with good food.

  • Doctors and Nurses ~ I'm sure they are not appreciated enough; so thank You Lord and bless them some more.

  • Internet, laptop, cellphone, tv, Amazon fire stick - definitely luxuries in life but I'm very thankful God ~ although my bank account is not as "fat" as before I'm happy that I can still keep the same lifestyle; all thanks ot my Dad who pays for (almost) all the bills. **love you very much**

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26 December 2015 @ 11:25 pm
In lieu of upcoming 2016, I've updated my layout or theme as well. :)
thanks to scholarslayouts for the very beautiful retro-themed layout - arigatou!! XD

Good night lovelies!

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12 December 2015 @ 09:09 pm
Charlotte is out of her breathing tube!! I'm so happy to hear this amazing news. I visited her the other day and I asked the nurse when she'll be out of the tube, and she told me it's up to the baby (Charlotte). So I didn't expect much difference when I called this morning but then I heard the great news. She still has a breathing apparatus but only on her nostril. I've been praying for progress and that she can come home soon. I'm expecting end of January 2016. I'm excited, nervous, happy..all kinds of emotions, but overall I'm thankful that God is so good. ^_^

I made Paula Deen's Banana Pudding as I was gonna take it my friend's Christmas party, however, I did't get to go. (really long story) I'm binge watching on my new Amazon Fire TV stick..and it's so amazing. I even get KORTV (app) which I can watch Korean tv shows.

Overall, it's a great day. I wish I made it to the party but oh well.
Good night lovelies!! xoxoxo

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10 December 2015 @ 05:17 pm

I'm finishing up on all my Christmas cards so I can drop off at the post office today before visiting Charley. ^_^
I didn't realize this took up almost all my day. Not much here, I finished watching Trainwreck and I laughed all the way. There's a little melodrama..to add spice to romance and comedy but if you haven't I highly recommend. **warning** cursing, lots of sexual scenes and John Cena's full frontal LOL ~ there you've been warned.

Here's some tbt of my love Haruma circa Dec 2009
Good night lovelies xoxoxo

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09 December 2015 @ 05:42 pm
I'm just busy these last couple days.
I really want to go see Ethel M Cactus garden and it's beautiful holiday lights but I get tired at night after running all kinds of errands all day. **sad face**
I went grocery shopping but with junk food LOL or shall I say chocolates galore. I saw all kinds of holiday chocolates that I ended up spending 80 bucks just buying all sorts of it...well I got necessities too like coconut juice, chocolate milk and ramen noodles hihihi yah I went a lil' crazy.
I rented Trainwreck on redbox today...we'll let you know how it is later.
I received some cards and mixed cd in the mail from the generous people of holiday_wishes. Thank you so much lovely people. This brought so much joy in my heart! xoxoxo
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07 December 2015 @ 09:49 pm
Hello my lovelies!
The weekend has come and gone. It was pretty busy and exciting for me.
My boyfriend took me Christmas shopping (yay!) for some much needed new jeans & a nice leather jacket.
We're taking our son shopping on his days-off then we plan on going to see some Christmas lights and take traditional holiday family photos. We usually go to Ethel M's cactus garden and Bellagio's botanical garden (really beautiful). Will be posting photos soon.
I held my daughter for the first time on Saturday (she's 5 weeks old now or 31 weeks if still inside the womb). I was so nervous. She's growing weighing 2lbs 13oz. Yay!! I'm really happy. She is truly a miracle baby. God is good! ^_^
Fangirl mode - Big Bang's We like to Party song stuck in my head all day. I just finished watching Matsujun's Shitsuren Chocolatier. hhmmm I give it a 7 and half. There are too many slow parts.
Lovelies, let's claim this week will be productive, happy, full love and blessings!
Good night & God bless us all! xoxoxo

one for the road - some Haruma eye-candy :)
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03 December 2015 @ 12:48 am
I'm convincing myself that it's just the holiday blues.
Too many things to do so little time.
Really stressed, so many things to do up to my eye balls.
It would be nice if my special someone is a shoulder to cry on.
He's really not that kind of a man.
I just want to get-away from it all (I love my babies, but I'm only human) and sip margaritas or hot chocolate and watch kdramas to my heart's content, get a nice long swedish massage, soak in nice warm bubbly tub.
Hhmm a woman can dream.
Soon this will happen.  God is good!
Night-night lovelies! Sweet dreams!!
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01 December 2015 @ 08:40 pm
I just finished watching kdrama Oh My Ghostess and I loved it.
Now I'm currently watching and really loving it (it was long time coming) RICH MAN, POOR WOMAN...a Japanese drama with Oguri Shun and Satomi Ishiwara.  giggles and fuzzies ^_^
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29 November 2015 @ 03:29 am

Busy day & night!
I organized my hard drive - all my photos are semi-organized, so I decided to organize them better so I can find photos easily.
My bought some holiday cards so I can mail them out by Monday (Nov 30) yikes!! Time is catching up to me :)
I visited my daughter at the hospital, she gained weight. I'm happy although my boyfriend is skeptical and almost believed that our daughter got switched. LOL (didn't laugh at his though) I kindly explained that would not make any sense.  I really hope not!
I came home and my son was crying and to calm him down I ended up giving him one of his Christmas gifts - Minecraft Zombie action figure. By the way, just the month of November, I bought him Steve with armor, regular Steve, Alex, and Creeper minecraft action figures. He is complete with Series One, I'm just missing Enderman action figure.  Seems to be a very popular Minecraft toy.The things parents do for their children. I'm very happy when I see him smile and get very excited, this feeling is priceless.
My lovely friends ~ I need to catch up on sleep since it's 3:30 am early Sunday morning and there is church service in a few hours.
Have a great weekend. xoxoxo
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27 November 2015 @ 07:26 pm
Time flies!!
So thanksgiving is officially over so is Black Friday.
Pretty soon, it's Christmastime then New Year and 2016 is here.
Wow! I just want to hold on to time even for just a minute but I know that's impossible.
I just pray and hope for great things to happen in my life and my children's life.
Five things I'm thankful for ~

  1. Delicious leftover food ~ baked turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet yams, creamed corn and nutella pie

  2. My niece and her boyfriend ~ they introduced me to Spotify and Reddit to discover new music :) really cool stuff

  3. A little bit of black friday shopping

  4. warm socks - freeze alert in Vegas

  5. (7 year old) space heater - never ceased to fail me

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26 November 2015 @ 08:36 am
Early morning of Thanksgiving Day ~ and I'm doing my best to think and speak positive things in my life.
This holiday season is tough but I won't let my worries keep me down.
To start my thankful state, I give praise to our Lord Jesus for giving me life, my children, the house that I live in, my dad whose paying the bills, for food in the table, for money so I can buy the necessities (very important), for all my family (even if they get on my nerves at times but I guess that's just normal), for my boyfriend ~ even if we don't see eye to eye at times.  I'm just thankful and will stop thinking why I'm thankful ~ I just want to be thankful and throw away all the negative things.
My lovelies ~ I'm really thankful for you and LJ and all the communities here because you bring the most cheer to my heart. I don't open up all of my emotions, feelings and thoughts to one person (maybe to my Mom) but I write it all here and you are still my friend despite all that.  So Thank You!!! God bless us all!!
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25 November 2015 @ 09:09 am
Good morning lovelies!
I can't believe 1 more day it's thanksgiving!!!
Woke up hungry but I slept really good last night ~ so happy :)
I'm on episode 10 of Oh My Ghostess and the excitement is really building up.  At this rate I'll probably finish this kdrama by tomorrow or late tonight hihihi.
What are you looking forward to on Thanksgiving Day?!
I'm looking forward to spending time with family but mostly the delicious food & desserts that my family cooks! Oh yum!! Let's be honest, this is what thanksgiving is about - family, friends, loved ones and delicious food. I try my best to jot down what I'm thankful for everyday, this keeps me grounded and a great stress-reliever.  thanks to
5gratitudes community for the inspiration!

I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving Day and may all your food be delicious!!! xoxox
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